Overview of all registrations for IMPRS-gBGC workshop 'Julia'

The maximum number of participants is limited to 20 (first come, first served). IMPRS-gBGC members have priority. The automatically generated waiting list on the list of participants is preliminary. In case more people sign up than can actually participate, you will be informed as soon as possible, whether you are on the final list of participants or on the waiting list.
Registrations are sorted by registration date.

First name Last name Affiliation
1 Felix Glaser FSU
2 Talie Musavi MPI-BGC
3 Miguel Mahecha MPI-BGC
4 Sven Boese MPI-BGC
5 Uli Weber MPI-BGC
6 Simon Besnard MPI-BGC
7 Caglar Kucuk IMPRS-gBGC
8 Richard Nair MPI-BGC
9 Martijn Pallandt IMPRS-gBGC
10 Sungmin O MPI-BGC
11 Ingrid Chanca MPI-BGC
12 Han Tran Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
13 Nora Linscheid IMPRS-gBGC
14 MIlan Flach IMPRS-gBGC
15 Silvia Caldararu MPI-BGC
16 Holger Metzler IMPRS-gBGC
17 Sujan Koirala MPI-BGC
18 Christopher Krich IMPRS-gBGC
19 Santiago Botia IMPRS-gBGC
20 Riasad Mahbub North South University