Overview of all registrations for IMPRS workshop 'Tranformation from Scientist to Data Scientist'

The maximum number of participants is limited to 15 (first come, first served). IMPRS members have priority. The automatically generated waiting list on the list of participants is preliminary. You will be informed about two weeks before the event whether or not you are on the final list of participants.
Registrations are sorted by registration date.

First name Last name Affiliation
1 Shane Stoner IMPRS-gBGC
2 Holger Metzler IMPRS-gBGC
3 Antonios Apostolakis IMPRS-gBGC
4 Sinikka Paulus IMPRS-gBGC
5 Marleen Pallandt IMPRS-gBGC
6 Nora Linscheid IMPRS-gBGC
7 Theertha Kariyathan IMPRS-gBGC
8 Sophie von Fromm IMPRS-gBGC
9 Caglar Kucuk IMPRS-gBGC
10 Ann-Sophie Lehnert IMPRS-gBGC
11 Markus Müller MPI-BGC
12 Alice Orme IMPRS-gBGC
13 Marilia Freire IMPRS-CE
14 elise fruitet IMPRS-CE
15 Anjana Unni MPI-CE
waiting list Florencia Campetella IMPRS-CE
waiting list Francesca Protti Sanchez IMPRS-CE
waiting list Kristina Schädel JSMC
waiting list Melissa Diaz Morales MPI-CE
waiting list Sinisa Prelic IMPRS-CE
waiting list Nandita Nataraj IMPRS-CE
waiting list Mahendra Varma IMPRS-CE
waiting list Gabe Winter IMPRS-CE
waiting list Talie Musavi MPI-BGC
waiting list Daniel Pabon IMPRS-gBGC
waiting list Melanie Kern IMPRS-gBGC
waiting list Isaac Kyere University of Kassel
waiting list Peter Großmann IMPRS-CE
waiting list Amir Hossein Abdi IMPRS-gBGC