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IMPRS workshop 'Project management'

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Category: Transferable skills
Credit points: 0.4

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  2.   2.  The instructor
  3.   3.  Description
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>> Project Management 2016

1.  Time & place

September 2-3, 2020
B0.002, MPI for Biogeochemistry, Jena

Approximately timetable
Start: 9.00 am
End: 5.00 pm

2.  The instructor

Peter Wagner (Kleist-Wagner)

3.  Description

Knowledge and method competences in project management are fundamentally important in many sectors such as academia, industry and administration. Yet in many organisations, institutions and companies, there is a need for action in terms of the selection and implementation of suitable strategies.

This interactive nature of the seminar serves to pool your knowledge and experiences of project management with those of other young researchers. You will especially have a closer look at important steps at the beginning of a project. To make it more tangible, you will be able to apply planning tools to your own projects. The aim is to both question and professionalise your current way of planning and managing projects.

4.  COVID-19 situation

Please note that the information on this course is preliminary due to the current hygiene guidelines for COVID-19. Peter Wagner's workshops live from the interaction between the participants and you will work in small groups. As we can not forsee what will happen until September, we decided to announce the course but to carefully monitor the current situation. The course may have to be postponed or given as a webinar, which is not ideal. More information will follow as soon as possible.

5.  Registration

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6.  Participants

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