Overview of all registrations for IMPRS workshop 'Communication skills'

The maximum number of participants is limited to 16 (8 IMPRS-gBGC, 8 IMPRS-ICE). IMPRS members have priority. The automatically generated waiting list on the list of participants is preliminary. You will be informed about two weeks before the event whether or not you are on the final list of participants.
Registrations are sorted by registration date.

First name Last name Affiliation
1 Reda ElGhawi IMPRS-gBGC
2 Tzu-Hsin Ho IMPRS-gBGC
3 Anjana Unni IMPRS-CE
4 Sarosh Alam Ghausi IMPRS-gBGC
5 Mahendra Varma IMPRS-CE
6 Ekaterina Bogdanovich IMPRS-gBGC
7 Beatrix Heinze IMPRS-gBGC
8 Yelyzaveta Zhyr IMPRS-CE
9 Eric Wiesel IMPRS-CE
10 Ana BaƱos IMPRS-CE
11 Marina Quadrado IMPRS-CE
12 Ling Dong IMPRS-CE
13 Akanksha Gandhi IMPRS-CE
14 Renu Sharma IMPRS-CE
15 Eldho Elias IMPRS-gBGC
16 Pamela Medina van Berkum IMPRS-CE
waiting list Akanksha Rai IMPRS-gBGC
waiting list Jessil Ann Pajar IMPRS-CE
waiting list Alice Orme IMPRS-gBGC
waiting list Albrecht Schall IMPRS-gBGC