Overview of all registrations for IMPRS workshop Academic Writing

The maximum number of participants is limited to 12 (6 MPI-CE & 6 MPI-BGC). IMPRS members have priority. The automatically generated waiting list on the list of participants is preliminary. In case more people sign up than can actually participate, you will be informed as soon as possible, whether you are on the final list of participants or on the waiting list. We will display your name openly on the list of participants, if you do not want your name to be displayed openly, please get in touch with the IMPRS office.
Registrations are sorted by registration date.

First name Last name Affiliation
1 Beatrix Heinze IMPRS-gBGC
2 Florian Schnurrer IMPRS-CE
3 Yelyzaveta Zhyr IMPRS-CE
4 Ana Baños IMPRS-CE
5 Akanksha Gandhi IMPRS-CE
6 Kristina Schädel MPI-CE
7 Eldho Elias IMPRS-gBGC
8 Theertha Kariyathan IMPRS-gBGC
9 Steffen Hellmann IMPRS-gBGC
10 Dan Frederik Lange IMPRS-gBGC
11 Samuel Upton MPI-BGC
12 albrecht schall IMPRS-gBGC
waiting list Ulisse Gomarasca IMPRS-gBGC
waiting list Linda Maria Anne Lehmanski IMPRS-gBGC
waiting list Kristina Kshatriya IMPRS-CE
waiting list Michelle Robin IMPRS-gBGC
waiting list David Urquiza-Munoz IMPRS-gBGC
waiting list Marina Quadrado IMPRS-CE
waiting list Siyuan Wang IMPRS-gBGC
waiting list Pamela Medina van Berkum IMPRS-CE
waiting list Hui Lyu IMPRS-CE
waiting list Matilde Florean MPI-CE
waiting list Julio Otárola IMPRS-CE
waiting list Andres Tangarife-Escobar MPI-BGC
waiting list Marina Quadrado IMPRS-CE
waiting list Kalpana Jain IMPRS-CE
waiting list Alina Nick IMPRS-CE
waiting list Melissa Ruiz Vasquez IMPRS-gBGC
waiting list Georg Dittmann IMPRS-gBGC
waiting list Reda ElGhawi IMPRS-gBGC
waiting list Alice Orme IMPRS-gBGC
waiting list Bernal Matarrita IMPRS-CE
waiting list Rolando Daniel Moreira Soto IMPRS-CE
waiting list Xin Yu IMPRS-gBGC
waiting list Sarosh Alam Ghausi IMPRS-gBGC
waiting list Marianna Boccia IMPRS-CE
waiting list Akanksha Rai IMPRS-gBGC
waiting list Negin Katal MPI-BGC
waiting list Somasundar Arumugam IMPRS-CE
waiting list Ana Patricia Baños Quintana IMPRS-CE
waiting list Renu Sharma IMPRS-CE
waiting list Johannes Körnig IMPRS-CE
waiting list Andrea Müller IMPRS-CE
waiting list Chenwei Xiao IMPRS-gBGC
waiting list Ranit De IMPRS-gBGC
waiting list Michelle Robin IMPRS-gBGC
waiting list Kseniia Ivanova IMPRS-gBGC