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In cooperation with the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry houses a unique and flexible research program that grants German and foreign students a broad selection of learning opportunities while still maintaining a research focus.
The IMPRS-gBGC offers a PhD program specializing in global biogeochemistry and related Earth system sciences. The overall research and teaching focuses on:

  • Improved understanding of biogeochemical processes with an emphasis on terrestrial ecosystems [more...]
  • Development of observational techniques to monitor and assess biogeochemical feedbacks in the Earth system [more...]
  • Theory and model development for improving the representation of biogeochemical processes in comprehensive Earth system models [more...]


Internal career networking event
(May 26-27, 2022)
>> details on the event

EEBIOMASS Summer School
(May 30 - June 1, 2022)
>> more info & registration

R course: The basics
(June 20-24, 2022)
>> here is detailed information

(August 29-30)
>> details on the webpage

Julia programming
(August 31 - September 9, 2022)
>> find out more

Technical Tools and Support at MPI-BGC and beyond
(September 12-13, 2022)
>> more information

Terrestrial Biosphere
(September 16 - October 7, 2022)
>> further information

Eddy Covariance
(October 10-14, 2022)
>> detailed information

Speed Reading in Science
(October 18 and November 15, 2022)
>> more information

Career Planning - How to find your job on the non academic labour market
(November 8-9, 2022)
>> learn more

Graphic Design as a scientist
(November 23-24, 2022)
>> more information

The Dark Side of Science – Procrastination, Perfectionism, Doubt and Dead Ends
(December 1-2, 2022)
>> here is detailed information

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