Course program

The educational program of the IMPRS-gBGC consists of courses related to global biogeochemical cycles, transferable skill courses, outreach activities and other scientific activities. Doctoral researchers must attend the mandatory overview course, two of four core courses, as well as skill and elective courses that are special to the IMPRS-gBGC member’s interests in the section 'Courses related to global biogeochemical cycles'. The elective course(s) may include offerings such as special summer research schools or offerings at outside Universities and must be approved by the PhD advisory committee. Transferable courses are offered inside and outside the IMPRS-gBGC. According to the ECTS minimum 1 credit point (CP) has to be achieved in transferable skill courses. The course 'Rules of good scientific practice' is mandatory for doctoral researchers of the IMPRS-gBGC. Credited outreach activities are presentations at international conferences, publications in an international peer-reviewed journal and public outreach. In addition, doctoral researchers will be required to make a three month foreign research visit (other scientific activity).

In the course of the three-year doctoral program, a minimum of 20 CP has to be achieved. Doctoral researchers are asked to list their activities using the template:

  • All courses offered and organized by the IMPRS-gBGC are listed in the table below.
  • Detailed information on upcoming courses are announced on the home page and by email.
  • See here for an overview and further information of past courses
  • Further scientific and non-scientific exchange opportunities are listed here.

Biogeochem. Cycles in the Earth System - an overview

Biogeochemical Cycles in the Earth System

by: Sönke Zaehle

Upcoming dates: Mar 2024

prior dates: Apr 2023; Apr 2022; Mar 2021; Mar 2020, Nov/Dec 2018; Nov/Dec 2017; Nov/Dec 2016; Nov 2015; Jun 2014; Feb 2013; Feb 2012; Dec 2010

Core course

Atmosphere, Oceans and Land

by Christoph Gerbig, Axel Kleidon, Julia Marshall, Mathias Göeckede, Olaf Kolle, Tarek El-Madany

upcoming dates: June 2023

prior dates: Jan 2021; Feb-Mar 2018; Feb-Mar 2016; Jan 2014; May 2011

Terrestrial Biosphere

by: Henrik Hartmann, Carlos Sierra, Jens Kattge, Christine Römermann, Axel Kleidon

upcoming dates: fall 2024

prior dates: Sep-Nov 2022; Apr 2020; Aug-Sep 2017; May 2015; July 2013

Soil, soil biology and soil hydrology

by Kirsten Küsel, Gerd Gleixner, Anke Hildebrandt, Marion Schrumpf, Markus Lange

upcoming dates: Oct 2023

prior dates: Oct 2021; May 2019; May 2017; Mar 2015; July 2013; May 2011

Skill courses

Applied statistics and data analysis - Part 1

by Jens Schumacher

upcoming dates: Sep 2023

prior dates: Nov 2020; Sep 2017; Sep 2015; Oct 2013; Mar 2011

Applied statistics and data analysis - Part 2

by Martin Jung, Christian Reimers

upcoming dates: Nov 2023

prior dates: Nov 2020; Jan 2018; Sep 2016; Nov 2013; Mar 2011

Analytical techniques

by Georg Pohnert and colleagues, Gerd Gleixner and colleagues, Armin Jordan, Axel Steinhof, Heiko Moossen, Iris Kuhlmann, Ines Hilke

upcoming dates: on demand

prior dates: Nov 2019, Sep-Oct 2016; Apr 2013

Remote sensing / Earth observation techniques

by Nuno Carvalhais / Christiane Schmullius

upcoming dates: on demand

prior dates: Mar 2023; Sep 2018; Oct 2014; Feb 2011

Modelling & numerical techniques

by: Carlos Sierra, Axel Kleidon

upcoming dates: on demand

prior dates: Sep 2021; Nov 2018, Autumn 2015; Autumn 2013

R - The basics

by early career researchers

upcoming dates: on demand

prior dates: Sep 2023; June 2022, Feb 2019, Apr 2018; Apr 2017; May 2016; Mar 2015; Oct 2014; Oct 2013; Apr 2012

R - Advanced modules

by: Thomas Wutzler, Fabian Gans, ...

upcoming dates: on demand

prior dates: Sep 2020, Jun 2018; Spring 2015; Spring 2012


by: Jacob Nelson, Sujan Koirala

upoming dates: Nov 2023

prior dates: Sep 2021; Nov 2018, Mar 2017; Spring 2016

Julia programming

by: Fabian Gans, Nora Linscheid, Lazaro Alonso Silva, Felix Cremer

upcoming dates: on demand

prior dates: Sep 2022; Jan 2019

Technical Tools and Support at MPI-BGC and beyond

by: Thomas Wutzler, Jan Engel, Sujan Koirala, Fabian Gans and Uli Weber

upcoming dates: Nov 2023

prior dates: Sep 2021; Sep 2020


Transferable skill course

Scientific Writing

upcoming dates: early 2024

prior dates: Mar 2023; Mar 2022; Nov 2021; June 2021; Apr 2020; Mar 2019; Mar 2018; Mar 2017; Oct 2016; Oct 2015; Jun 2014; Nov 2013; Apr 2013; Oct 2012

Data visualization

upcoming dates: Jun 2024

prior dates: Feb 2023; Feb 2022; Dec 2021; Dec 2020; Nov 2019; Dec 2018; Dec 2017; Dec 2016; Dec 2015; Nov 2014; Nov 2013

Presentation skills

upcoming dates: on demand

prior dates: Oct 2017; May 2013; May 2012; Nov 2011

Poster presentation / Graphic design

upcoming dates: Dec 2023

prior dates: Nov 2022; Sep 2014

Resilienz / Self- and Time Management

upcoming dates: Feb 2023

prior dates: Dec 2022; May 2021; Dec 2020; Dec 2019; Oct 2018; Apr 2018; Sep 2016; Apr 2014; Nov 2012; Feb 2012

Grant Proposal Writing

upcoming dates: on demand

prior dates: June 2023; July 2021; Nov 2020; Sep 2018; Mar 2017; Mar 2016; Dec 2012

Rules of Good Scientific Practice

upcoming dates: Mar 2024

prior dates: Feb 2023; Jan 2022; Jan 2021; Jan 2020, Jan 2019; Jan 2018; Mar 2017; Feb 2016; Mar 2015; Jan 2014; Apr 2011

Leadership and management skills

upcoming dates: on demand

prior dates: Nov 2017; Feb 2015

Project management

upcoming dates: on demand

prior dates: Sep 2020; Nov 2018; Sep 2016

Communication skills or Conflict Management

upcoming dates: early 2024

prior dates: Nov 2021; Mar 2021; Sep 2019, May 2016; Jan 2016

PR & media workshop

upcoming dates: on demand

prior dates: Sep 2019, May 2017; Jan 2016; 2019

Career planning workshop

upcoming dates: early 2024

prior dates: Nov 2022; May 2022; May 2020, May 2019; May 2018; Jun 2017; Nov 2016; Nov 2015


Courses Archive

by Peter Frenzel
dates: Nov/Dec 2018; Aug 2018; Oct 2014; Mar 2012

Climate policy
by Andreas Freytag, Leo Wangler, Michael Hüttner
dates: Nov 2011

Nitrogen in the Earth system
by James Galloway, Ernst-Detlef Schulze, Sönke Zaehle, ...
dates: Feb 2013

by Susan Trumbore, Carlos Sierra
dates: Sep 2021; Sep 2017; July 2012; Nov 2011

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