Overview of all open PhD projects

The following PhD projects were offered during the 26th call for applications. Online application for up to three PhD projects was possible from 19 November - 9 January. Our third-party funded projects are highlighted with *.

  • Complex biogeochemical and biophysical properties of tree-grass coexistence at a Mediterranean savanna ecosystem more info
  • Compound climate extremes and forest disturbances * more info
  • Transformers with knowledge integration for Earth system forecasting more info
  • Does climate change accelerate the terrestrial water cycle? more info
  • Linking phenology patterns with plant functional traits on a global scale to predict variations in ecosystem functioning more info
  • Process understanding of dryland vegetation dynamics in a changing world * more info
  • Truffle production: an affair of three? more info
  • Importance of microbial necromass formation and persistence for soil carbon storage along management intensification gradients in forests and grasslands * more info
  • Fungal impact on soil in climate change related processes more info
  • Developing a global soil moisture dataset more info
  • Understanding carbon pooling in the stratified boundary layer of the Arctic atmosphere more info

Learn more about our application process here. The online application form can be found here.

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