Overview of all open PhD projects

The PhD projects listed below were offered in the 28th call for applications. Online application for up to three PhD projects was possible until January 8th, 2024 (23:59 CET). The PhD projects for the next call for applications will be announced in mid-June.

You can filter our open PhD projects by background or skills.

  • Methane hotspots in tropical South America more info
  • Harnessing computer vision and machine learning for a renewed cartography of human impact on landscapes more info
  • Detecting ecosystem stress from space using synergistic remote sensing and fluorescence more info
  • Machine learning for improved irrigation representation and understanding within Earth system models more info
  • Understanding impacts of 21st century extreme events on global forest ecosystems through the lens of plant water transport more info
  • Understanding the influence of tree neighbourhood richness on resource uptake in natural forests more info
  • Global data-driven assessment of carbon and water fluxes by incorporating process-knowledge more info
  • Unravelling ecohydrological ecosystem responses to environmental conditions more info
  • From Sea to Land – mapping the provenience of atmospheric sulfur more info
  • Groundwater under pressure – exploring climate change impacts on groundwater recharge and quality and drinking water safety more info
  • Fighting drought - Improving soil properties through artificial carbonaceous substances more info
  • What can new organic markers reveal about the seasonal metabolism of the tropical critical zone? more info

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