Organize your PhD

1. Before you start

  • What should I bring?
  • Where will I stay?
  • Where can I find additional information?

2. During your PhD

  • stay tuned
  • organize your PAC (meeting)
  • enrolment
  • hints from your peers and additional advise

3. In case of doubts or conflicts

We, the partner insitutions, FSU Jena and MPI-BGC, as well as the MPS commit to an anti-racist, equal, appreciative and fair working environment. Nevertheless conflicts and non-scientific misconduct may arise. If you are not satisfied with your situation as a PhD researcher (supervision, topic, financial situation), please talk to somebody whom you can trust instead of resigning to the situation. If in certain situations your adviser is not the right contact person, a strictly confidential meeting with:

can be organized. This offer is only meant to help you finding ways to improve your situation, you do not have to fear any negative consequences.

More Information:

If your first supervisor is based at the University of Jena, you can continue with the enrolment procedure right away, even before setting up a PhD advisory committee. more
The PAC is a committee consisting of at least three senior scientists who guide the doctoral researcher in all aspects of her/his PhD. The PAC includes: the main supervisor, another IMPRS faculty member from the partnering institution, and an external scientist, ideally related to the foreign research visit more
Starting with your dissertation entails many challenges besides working on your project: structuring your time efficiently, learning how to write scientifically, how to present, networking … to name only a few. Well, others have been there before, and luckily some share their experiences. This page list some of those valuable sources. more
Find information and forms on business travels for employees of the MPI-BGC here. Get support by your departmental office (Ulrike Schleier (BSI office), Anita Maercker (BSI office), Sarah Nuschke (BGI office), Alice Ratajczak (BGI office), Kerstin Lohse (BGP office) or the IMPRS office if you are in doubt and/or have any questions. more
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